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Self-Concept Essay In my 48 years of life, I have played many roles. I am a mother, wife, child, friend, student, caretaker, worker, and teacher. Some of these roles I wanted, some more involuntary, but none the less they have got me to the point I am today. There are characteristics in me that allow me to take part in each of these roles. I would describe myself as optimistic, curious and smart, outgoing, crafty and creative, dependable, loyal and honest, and trustworthy. When I look in the mirror, I see an ok-looking woman staring back at me. Day to day life requires faith in something, higher than my own power. I believe in God. I got this from my mother. She taught me about God and faith, and that there is good in everyone and you should…show more content…
Fast forward to my adult life, 12 years into a marriage, I am divorced, and my self-esteem is the lowest of lows. Even though it wasn’t my fault, I felt I had failed at marriage. Marriage initially affected me in a negative light. My daughter continued to grow, and became a reflection of me, which inflated my self-esteem. I later married again, and learned that it can be a positive aspect of life. I am now a student …again. I would not say this has affected me negatively, but it sure has taken a punch at me. I never got to finish school before, too busy taking care of family. Now, starting back so late, it is sometimes frustrating, but overall rewarding in that I am capable of doing it when I thought I…show more content…
I feel it is too harsh to compare myself to someone unrealistic in my life, such as a model, professional cook supermom. It’s hard enough comparing to the average joe I might know. So I strive to do my best, and remember everyone is dealt their own struggles and triumphs in their lives, and those require different standards for judging. Aging has been hard on me, harder than I thought it would be. I have changed physically, but emotionally I am still the same young 20 year old at heart. I never thought this would affect me like it has. My goal is to appreciate my aging years and not sweat the small stuff…or the wrinkles. I feel I have achieved the steps to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and I am now resting in the self-actualisation area. This area has motivated me to go back to school, to fulfill the goal of personal growth, and start a career in nursing. This career will also ensure all the other areas of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are fulfilled as

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