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ENG 101 15 September 2013 I’m Ready Throughout life you are often judged on your performance. How you perform determines how successful you will be, but you only perform well if your prepared and comfortable putting forth knowledge you’ve obtained in past experiences. I believe that I have many strengths and weaknesses when it comes to reading and writing, but I also believe that because of my past efforts I am prepared for college reading and writing. First of all, in ENG 101 Learning Outcomes it states that you must “ Analyze and evaluate the rhetorical features of a text to understand writing strategies used to communicate ideas.” This is basically saying that when reading a text you must thoroughly interpret and find clues from the words to make a high quality response. I believe that I am very good at this certain trait. For example, in high school teachers taught us how to take Cornell notes and always had me and my fellow students learn numerous vocabulary words every week. The combination of these two activities surprisingly became very useful throughout high school. Cornell notes helped me develop the skills to explore the text I just read and take notes on how I viewed the topic, which helped me not only process what I read but also produce a good, independent response to it. Vocabulary was very important as well, because I could understand what the text was asking right away and without hesitation I could respond with a well-educated tone. Secondly, in ENG 101 Learning Outcomes it states that students must “ Write academic essays with clear, focused theses supported by evidence from text.” I believe that I can do this very well, but at times get off topic or support my evidence with irrelevant evidence. To improve this I must concentrate on my main claim for that essay and provide helpful details to keep my audience attention on the subject. This

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