Self Assessment Ethics

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Self-Assessment Ethics Ethics is defined as, “a way to examine or study moral behaviors” (Morrison, 2011, p. 22). Ethical principles were designed to give guidelines to healthcare professional and society when faced with ethical dilemmas. Ethics can sometimes be a tricky thing. When caring for patients and addressing employees sometimes there can be a gray area within ethical decision making. I do not believe ethic is always black and white and sometimes certain decisions health care providers make can might be considered unethical but made for the right reasons. I do believe health care providers attempt to make ethical decisions daily but moral dilemmas and conflict can get in the way. “Not all ethical dilemmas involve choosing between two happy options. Sometimes an ethical dilemma involves having to choose between two actions, both of which are undesirable options” (Ingram&Parks, 2006, p.16). This writer will explore her own ethical dilemmas by using the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) to determine if I am as ethical as I may think. Before I took the self assessment test I felt confident as a health care provider of my ethical decision making skills. I believed the everyday decision I made were in the best interest of my patients and my staff. I did not feel I would question any of the decisions I have made. This was before the self assessment test but afterwards I feel a little more fallible. Some of the questions I did feel I had used ethical principles in making some of those decisions and some I did not. I do not feel I intentionally did not use ethical reasoning in some areas because I did not think these areas were as important. I realize I have to explore more about ethics and the decision making principles that follow. ACHE (2013) states “the code provides an overall standard of conduct and includes specific standards of
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