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Week 2 DQ#1 Amy Yoder Grand Canyon University RES811 Dr. Bob Branch February 11, 2014 Week 2 DQ#1 One potential topic of interest that I have for my dissertation relates to online learning at the secondary level. I have noticed that more and more high schools are starting to offer online courses. For the first time in history, our culture is seeing technology being used in new and exciting ways! Online learning is one of these advancements that have allowed various types of people to pursue degrees who otherwise would not be able to do so (i.e. location, work schedule, family, etc.). I have seen many benefits to online education at the college level, and I believe this will continue to be an area that will grow over the next twenty years. One of the biggest schools to promote online learning is Rio Salado College. They were one of the first accredited schools to begin promoting online education, and they started in 1996 (Rio Salado Community College, 2010). Rio Salado is known for their forward thinking approach into online education. I know that there has been a lot of research on online courses at the post-secondary level, since online learning has been around since 1996. Since it has been around for over 15 years, there is a lot of data that helps to support the type of learner that succeeds in the online environment, type of curriculum and structure that should take place in the online learning environment, etc. However, online learning at the secondary level is still relatively new. Some of the questions I have about secondary online learning are: • Is secondary online learning just as effective as post-secondary online learning? • What type of student succeeds best in secondary online learning? • How can teachers establish a sense of “community” in a secondary online classroom? • Are secondary students really prepared mentally

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