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Self-Assesment! Essay

  • Submitted by: kldorr88
  • on July 10, 2012
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Learning Style Self-Assessment
Teachers and students have distinctive learning styles.   To become a successful learner; you must first understand how the human brain processes information.   Each writer has their personal instinctive writing style, and can show how the brain functions.   This writer will show how learning styles are applied to K-12 students and why it is important to recognize these characteristics.
Self Analysis
The reflective learner, “likes to work alone, and lecture can be difficult if not given time to digest (Trustees, 2009).”   Reflective learning is part of the intuitive learning style.   The writer is able to comprehend information by having time to think about the material, and by not just reading and memorizing the information.   Reflective learners have to writer, summarize, and come up with questions to the material.   The reflective learner has to look over the information more than just one time.   For example, a reflective learner would have to write down the information that is given in a lecture as it is being given.   Reflective learners have to learn through writing and listening to lectures.  
How does this apply to K-12 students?
Reflective learning is used every day in the classroom to help the teachers engage in giving the students instruction.   Teachers are able to share their insights with other teachers.   Teachers are able to see what is working in the class with the students and what needs fixed for future lessons.   In the article, An Integrated Model for Practicing Reflective Learning, “Jack Mezirow introduced the concept of transformative learning to the field of education in 1978, and defines transformative learning as “an approach to teaching based on promoting change, where educators challenge learners to critically question and asses the integrity of their deeply held assumptions about how they relate to the world around them (Castelli, L 16).”     Teachers are able to use their reflective learning experience to...

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