Self Appreciation Essay

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It's common for an individual to be unhappy with themselves. It's rare to hear of one to be content with who they are, which should be unacceptable. Although it may be difficult, if haven't already, people need to recognize their self worth. We, as a society, have grown used to hearing people put themselves down. We've heard it all on social media, from,"I'm too fat","My nose is huge I can't stand it", or even,"I hate everything about myself." Amanda Bynes was seen tweeting how she "needs facial reconstruction." My guess is she either wants to mock those who make a joke of her, or she realistically wants to conform to what every other star is known to do. It is clear that many don't see the beauty in themselves. We live in a society where comparing ourselves to another is almost natural. But is it okay? No. It's not. Every person is unique. We are born to be different. Not to adjust to society's expectations. Not to please others. For self benefit. So why should you be some else's duplicate? Refraining from eating that beautiful slice of pizza or waking up three hours before school starts to get ready is not living. People are very controlling and don't let things happen the way it should be. Independence is key in achieving self-appreciation. The human race is capable of many terrifying things; people will hurt, disrespect, and ruin you. Even worst, some will do it with no regret or mercy. I've been on both sides of the fence. I myself have been back stabbed and I've been the one to inflict it upon another. For instance, numerous times I've told others that I like them just to make them happy. I lead them on and once I had them in the palm of my hand I confess the truth, that I don't fancy the person. I used them because the attention they gave me made me happy, which leads to another point, looking for your self worth in another person is off limits. It is a

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