Self-Analysis Paper

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Self-Analysis Paper How stressed out can a person get? Do you ever get so stressed that you feel like your head is just going to explode?! Well maybe not explode but I hope you get what I am talking about. Stress can impact people in negative or positive ways but at one point or another we have to identify our stressors and try to deal with them in a positive or constructive way. My stressors in life at the moment are my poor social skills, my terrible eating habits, my poor sleeping habits and my procrastination. I try to manage them by either reading a book, actually doing my school work, playing videogames, or drawing. Basically anything that can take my mind off the stress I will do. In the past my way of handling stress was just to bottle it up and let it all out at once and just eating a lot of sugar and drinking caffeine. But now I plan on improving my stress management by maybe doing yoga to help me relax and possibly working out three days a week. We all need to try and handle our stress in positive and constructive ways. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines stressor as “a stimulus that causes stress.” But stress and stressors can be so much more. When we talk about stressors we can note that there are two types of stressors, eustress and distress. Eustress is action-enhancing stress that gives us that edge or enthusiasm for optimal performance. While distress is the negative or harmful stress that can debilitate our overall performance and even cause problems in our life (Composition and Research 456). While we all should try to turn our regular stress into eustress, the people who cannot do that are at serious risk for not only high stress levels but even harmful diseases and other health related problems. As I have stated before, my major stressors include my recent weight gain, my procrastination with my schoolwork and the somewhat difficult from high

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