Self Analysis of Mary Barnett Case

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SELF ANALYSIS OF MARY BARNETT CASE According to the narrator, “We live in a complex world filled with challenging and often perplexing issues that we are expected to make sense of” and it is really precise to my point of view. The verdict I render when I first take a quick look at the content of the case is that Mary Barnett is guilty. However, taking a closer look, I recognize that this case is more complex than I think. In the court, nothing will be told but truth, we cannot judge a case based on personal or natural human emotion. Therefore, in my final decision, Ms Mary Barnett case is the verdict of not guilty. On one hand, as having seen in Caroline Hospers’s testimony, one of the witnesses for the prosecution, she stated that she was not surprised that had happened and she always thought that Ms Barnett was a disgrace because she had a lot of bad habits. For instance, she had lots of wild parties, the baby was not taken care of properly and her garbage was always filled with empty whisky and wine bottles. It is obvious that she is entirely irresponsible and was not a fit mother. The information Ms Hospers provided is relevant to the charges. It showed that Ms Barnett was only thinking of herself and went to California to meet her boyfriend without preparing any kind of care for her little baby-Alison. However, we cannot justify whether Caroline is credible or not because she is only a neighbour in that apartment and not close to Mary so that Caroline’s testimony might either not be solid and reliable or influence the defendant’s status. Caroline did not know about Mary in the past which means everything she stated including Mary’s personality and habit was only in the present times. Thus, her testimony is only accurate to the present extent. Besides, in another testimony for prosecution from Dr. Parker, a professional psychiatrist who has been involved in
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