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Self Analysis

  • Submitted by: greematc
  • on January 25, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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By: Matthew Greenwell
Professor: Dr. Jocelyn Enabulele
Date: 1/25/2015

I am honest.   Telling the truth can be hard for people to do but not me.   Telling the truth can be hard for people to hear.   But it is the only way for us to better ourselves or to move past an event in our lives.   I have seen the affects growing up of how my father lied to my mother and the damage that is can cause.   Honesty allows us to build trust which is such an important bond that we build with our family, friends and even total strangers.   As I am getting older I am realizing that honest is always the best policy but it matters on how you deliver the honesty.
I am disciplined.   I am the son of two military parents and I grew up on military bases for the majority of my youth.   We had a set schedule for the majority of our lives when it came to getting up in the mornings, how we folded our cloths, when we were supposed to do our homework and more.   What I realized now that I am older is the punishments that came when we were not listening to our parents or when we did something wrong were necessary and it is because of that I remained disciplined.   The benefits that I am disciplined is that I work well with others and I keep focused on the task at hand no matter the distractions which makes me a very hard worker.
I am empathetic.   I have always been a terrific listener for friends, family and even strangers and I think this is why I get along with anyone.   No one ever wants to be alone for their entire life but it is hard for people to open up with their emotions especially men.   But we all need to in order to relieve stress our find our path in life when we are lost.
When it comes to being independent or interdependent I would say that I am mostly independent but the benefits of having interdependence far out weight my independence.   I have a great job I can work out on my own and play video games for days if I had the time.   But my interdependence needs are...

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