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  • on April 16, 2012
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This was the first speech I have given in front of an audience. I had anxiety about presenting the speech and it being recorded did not help my anxiety. Looking at the tape of my speech, I didn’t portray the amount of anxiety that I was going through at that moment.
My non -verbal communication was not as effective as it could have been. Some of my non- verbal communication seemed inappropriate. During the speech, I would look up and away from the audience. I noticed that at those moments, I was really afraid of forgetting what I was going to say next or I felt really insecure about my body. Towards the end of my speech, I read off of the index cards. It seemed that I was reading to the audience rather than talking to them. My face was expressionless from the beginning to end except for one moment when I smiled because I was happy that I made the audience laugh. I felt uncomfortable in front of the class, because I have insecurities about my body. This insecurity was also seen in my body language. My body was stiff and my legs were crossed over another. I shifted my weight from one side to another. I was also fidgeting with the index cards. I ended the speech with a huge sigh of relief.
Some of my non-verbal communication seemed effective. In the beginning of the speech, I made sure I made eye contact with the audience. When I looked at the group as whole, I would scan the group rather than engage the eyes on each person individually. I wanted my eyes to convey that I was sincere and confident in my speech. I looked at every one in a personal and pleasant way. I wanted to enforce my ideas, so at some points in the speech, I used hand gestures that were natural and spontaneous.

The weakest part of my speech appeared to be my vocal quality. One aspect was the volume of my voice. I did not adjust my voice to the size of the audience and the room. My voice was too low and soft. I recall the professor telling me to speak up because she could...

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