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  • on March 7, 2012
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Turner Stapleton

What should we rely on in order to gain knowledge? We should rely on ourselves through our own personal journey and through the Word of God, in all of its forms, for knowledge. It is through these two that we learn who we are and are shown the truth about our creator, the Lord.
What should we rely on in order to understand and properly interpret that basis of knowledge? In order to interpret this knowledge, we should go to our priests and bishops as they were given the ability to interpret God’s word straight from Paul down. To a degree, we can look into ourselves and interpret it, but we have to have higher authority, that is, ones who are called by God, to fully understand it.


What is truly real? I believe that what surrounds us is real, even if we have to experience it through our senses. It was put here on earth by God or was created by our hands, the work of God.
What are some of the characteristics of ultimate reality? Ultimate reality is reality that God the Creator made and is what is truly going on. Whether it entails more than what our senses can experience, I don’t know, but it is ultimately what God created.
What is more real, less real? To be honest, I do not really know. I believe that what we experience is “real”, but maybe it could be less real than what is really happening because our senses are not complex enough to understand it. Maybe, there is a higher reality that we just cannot comprehend and some ways we can glimpse it is through prayer, Adoration, etc.
What degrees or levels of reality are there, if any? Like I said before, maybe there is a spiritual plane that we can reach through prayer and similar activities, the higher reality that we are not always able to see and experience. If we could reach this higher reality, maybe it would expand our mind and allow us to reach a greater knowledge.
How is what is more real related to what is less real? I think that what is...

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