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Completion of relevant degree with subsequent relevant and/or relevant extensive experience and/or education/training I have successfully completed a Bachelor degree in Information System from Curtin University of Technology in 1999. During my graduating year, I was invited to be in the honor program. However, I wanted to gain practical experience so I turned the invitation down. After graduating, I have worked as a system analyst, Programmer, software tester and currently as a system administrator. When I was working Info-Software System, they have assigned me to various roles like Software Engineer for programming, Software Tester and System Administrator. Demonstrated ability to apply analytical and problem solving skills in a technical environment When I was working as a software tester for 2 years, I have to analyses the project passed to me and methodically test the software limits in a systematic and logical manner. I have to pay attention to potential flaws in the software. Part of my job is to keep track of the bug and asked the software engineer to rectify the error. Demonstrated ability to prepare accurate, logical and concise documentation and interpret technical documents I have setup scripts with configuration file to automate our testing process. I am also involved in documenting business and technical specifications. As a tester, I have to go through the test case thoroughly and understand their objectives. Due to my past experience in programming, I often go through the codes with software engineer for logical and programming errors. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing, to a wide audience on both technical and business related matters My testing team has weekly meetings for update. Beside these meeting, I have routine update with software programmer for their progress. I need to meet up, email

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