Select Two Mangrove Species You Have Observed in the Hk Wetland Park. Essay

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Topic: Select two mangrove species you have observed in the HK Wetland Park. Discuss their adaptations to survive in their particular wetland environment. In this field trip, I have decided to learn the mangrove living system fundamentally and starting from the plants first. Therefore, studying the mangrove plants is the effectual way for me to learn more about the Hong Kong mangrove living system. Also, as a citizen, I used to focus on the school works, housework, electricity products or else, but pay less attention to our mother nature. So, I want to understand the ecology notes not only in the paper, but also through the substantial field trip, for example, learn more about the climate, plants or species adaptations and etc. In this field trip, I have these two objectives and fortunately match with the topic that I chose. I will elaborate the points in the report. In order to do my study in an effective way, I choose to use the note being my research foundation first, and then find some useful information through the Internet, after I will enrich my report by reading some ecological reference books. Indeed, I think notes are the useful method to help me collect the information. However, it is hard to analyze the information from books by myself. So I think that collecting data from books is not really effective. Kandelia Obovata and Aegiceras corniculatum are the species that I choose to observe. According to the book “Anti-inflammatory Agents of Aegiceras corniculatum” description, Aegiceras corniculatum is a species of Evergreen shrub, local native tree and belongs to Mysine family. It always grows up as 7m high or less. Its leaves are alternative and obovative. Its flowers grow as umbellate clusters. The droppers shape curved and cylindrical or horn-shaped and its color mostly light green to pink. It grows in estuaries and tidal creeks or often at

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