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Since the 1920’s situation comedy (sitcoms) have evolved into the most popular television genre. They focus mainly on day to day life events to highlight humerous faults of human behaviour. To make these sitcoms successful they use characters in a cultural context, a didactic plot and a setting we can relate to. For years the sitcom Seinfeld has drawn viewers into the complicated and confusing world of Jerry Seinfeld and his dysfunctional friends. In sitcoms, setting is the most important aspect as it allows the viewers to see realism, the characters identity and a social back round. Seinfeld portrays a single New York life and shows us a lot about what predicaments we would come across if we ourselves were in this situation. In Sitcoms there is usually a stock setting which is easily recognisable by the viewers. Most conflicts and resolutions occur is this stock setting. In Seinfeld, Jerry’s apartment and to a lesser extent the diner are the stock settings because they appear in every episode. Sitcoms generally do not evolve very far and the stock setting tells us a lot about the person’s past and present lifestyle. In Seinfeld, Jerry’s apartment is neat and tidy and is accompanied by the latest brands and models of each item. This shows us he has a reasonable amount of money and fashion sense. The Seinfeld setting always has some version of superman whether it be a magnet, book or figurine in the background which also tells us that he has a geeky side to his personality. Characters in sitcoms are mostly exaggerated stereotypes to outline weaknesses in human behaviour and allow us to laugh at ourselves and each other. It teaches us. In Seinfeld Jerry is the typical Single, classy, New Yorker who has a high expectation of people and an obsession with cleanliness. George is the stereotypical loser who never has a job and never really tries to get one. In the

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