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Since the 1920’s, situation comedy has evolved into one of the most popular TV genre’s, generally focusing on day to day events to highlight humorous faults of human behaviour. Voted number 1 on 2002’s list of 50 greatest Shows by TV guide, Seinfeld is a perfect example of a sitcom whose non-thinking humour attracts vast audiences. Seinfeld’s popularity is underpinned by the shows successfulness of making characters truly seem like everyone else, whereby audiences find it easy to identify with the characters. Since its premier in 1990 on NBC, Seinfeld has received 20 major awards including an Emmy award, Golden Globes, People’s Choice Awards and Screen Actors Guild awards, along with being nominated for another 60 awards over its 8 year domination. Seinfeld is appropriate for Australian audiences because it is re-watchable, there is chemistry between the characters and the themes embedded are those which Australian’s deal with everyday. Most sitcoms revolve around a central theme or contrived situations; however Seinfeld is often referred to as “the show about nothing” whereby the humour is based on everyday experiences associated with single life and the big city such as breaking up with your girlfriend or losing your job. However, Seinfeld has also spawned episodes from things such as talking bellybuttons, killer envelopes and puffy shirts. The general demographic is males or young adults. Seinfeld draws network sized audiences into its uniquely comic world through its crafty characters, witty dialogue and clever plot which follow the course of 4 single friends living in New York. The central character is Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry is a thin, tidy man who works as a stand up comedian in New York. He is perceived as a serial dater, having over 40 girlfriends over the course of the show. Regardless of Jerry’s instability with women, his friends see him as the “voice of

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