Seimens Sharenet Case

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Siemens ShareNet: Case Analysis: Introduction: The Siemens Information and Communication Networks (ICN) group had grown from a small experiment to a tool that was widely used by ICN’s sales and marketing staff. There had been a collapse in the telecommunications industry, and ShareNet was faced with a need to reduce expenses. Several members of the staff were not convinced of the usefulness of ShareNet. However, a recent synergy between Research and Development and ShareNet produced positive feedback of the usefulness. Prior to this the ShareNet system had targeted use in the sales and marketing divisions. The model for extending ShareNet to other functions or groups was not well defined or formalized. More specifically, other question had to be answered, such as, was ShareNet going to be utilized as one great extensive knowledge management global international network, or was there a need to develop specific separate knowledge management systems within the organization? Challenge/Problem I ShareNet is an innovative knowledge management system used by a division of Siemens. ShareNet attempts to capture the knowledge and experience of Siemen's many dispersed sales and marketing units around the globe, making it available to all. ShareNet has been funded as a corporate initiative, free to all who whish to use it. However the telecommunications market has collapsed, the coporate groups who run ShareNet are under increasing pressure by the board to reduce costs. Therefore, they are contemplating charging users who subscribe to the knowledge management tool; the belief is that the users currently utilizing the system will be willingly to pay for continued usage. However, this relies heavily, on being able to demonstrate that the knowledge mangement system has a positive return on investment for the users which is a very challenging and difficult task.

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