Seijas Immigration Case Study

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My name is Mercedes Seijas, a U.S. Citizen and resident of 1209 Fairmont Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208. Felix Seijas immigration case number A71-490-769, my husband is presently in immigration custody at Hudson County Jail for supposedly “failure to appear” for an immigration appointment. For a decade and a half, my husband has been fighting his case before the Immigration Court, Board of Immigration Appeals, and a Stay-of-Deportation at the federal level, (Habeas Corpus); including but not limited to an application for naturalization to U.S. Citizenship. This was initiated when a New York District Immigration Judge refused to change his venue to the jurisdiction of Newark Immigration Office, on account of my husband’s attorney winning a previous case against said judge. Any motions suggested by my husband’s attorney were muted because of the judge’s prejudice against him.…show more content…
Where is the justification for an Immigration Judge to separate a wholesome family, destroy the relationship our daughters have with they father during their formative years, and driving to financial ruin our very livelihood and existence? I request that this injustice does not follow throw; that an investigation reveal the real motive behind the Immigration Judge’s decisions; and call into question the Immigration Service’s lackadaisical attitude when we unsuccessfully tried (by phone or in person) to get answer to our question but got the run-around repeatedly instead. It’s a sad case indeed when struggling working class families feel so disenfranchised from their own government. When the American Dream is pulled from right under you, like a rug, and one feels so helpless that loses faith in this Democratic system. It reveals that in this new millennium America is drifting away from the values of the Founding Fathers of this

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