Segregation Black vs. White

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1) Summarize the content briefly! The article “Race divide in US cities gets wider” written by Martin Kettle, published on May 2001 in The Guardian, describes the increasing racial segregation of black and white people in the United States. Researches found out, that today there are always more and more cities, where both races grow up divided in their own district, like in Chicago, Detroit and above all Milwaukee. The only social contact between those two groups exists on college. The problem auf segregation appears most often in urban schools, by reason of white flights. That means, that white people flee from the urban communites as the minority population increases, so that black suburbs are created. The results point out, that people live in less racially integrated areas than a few years ago. This conflict is found most often in the northeast and the midwest in America. 2) Explain why racial segregation is found especially in urban schools! There can be a lot of different reasons for it, why racial segregation is found especially in urban schools. I would like to work out the most important aspects. The first point is also mentioned in the text, the so called “White flight.” As coloured people want to move into white neighborhoods to get the same chances, the hire charges decline, because the quarter will not be attractive for the white population anymore and they will move away. And the public schools in black ghetthos have a very bad standard, so that the whites send their children to private or religious schools. A second aspect is, that white parents don’t want their children belonging to the minority, because they are scared of getting a bad reputation. Another reason for those standards is the school financing by the use of local rates. Rich people in a district will have more money to invest in a school, so that it will have better teachers.
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