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Were young people out of control in the 1960’s? The question, ‘Were young people out of control in the 1960’s’, has several varied perspectives, in which I will explore through this essay… To an extent, we could argue that the youth during the 1960’s was in fact out of control. This is an accurate conclusion, for the sixties as a period of change, on every level. The most remarkable event being the transformation from the socially conservative fifties to the anything-goes seventies. This volcanic change was brought bu huge difference beneath the surface. Moreover, the most important change during ht 1960’s was how people saw one another. Women and men suddenly had a different and more complex relationship then ever before. Ethnic groups too, were making there voices known in more a more places around the world. In the US, particularly, Blacks and Native Americans participated in radical movements to change the discriminatory habits of their homeland. This enormous social, and cultural movement spilled over into Europe and Africa, and was watched with great interest by the rest of the world. Consequently, the 1960’s gave freedom to every individual, therefore, more and more protests and rebellions were seen. The issue of racial segregation was widely recognised, hence, people decided to make stands for equality. Lethal actions took places, deaths were seen, arrests were made and the government watched society cripple. This is reliable for Nelson Mandela, an anti –apartheid activist, used machinery to show his government, his politicians the downfall in racial segregation. Everyone spoke there mind, and put words into actions, as a result, the 1960’s were not only known as a ‘swinging’ period, but also a time in which young people went out of control, to prove society wrong, and to show equality among everyone. As the 1960’s progressed, hippies became the

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