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“ Seen Through Rose-Tinted Glasses”: The Barbie Doll in American Society Wether we realize it or not the toys our kids play with everyday have an immense impact on their behavior and development. Motz essay describes the perfect example of what these toys do to our society. In her essay, Marilyn Ferris Motz describes how Barbie portrays an image of a woman that lives based on her appearance, her popularity and her status. When playing with this dolls, girls take on the role of a teenager or an adult woman, letting them imitate adult female behaviors they see on other people and on the media. Girls take on the role of the doll enabling them to participate in dating and other social activities. By doing this, girls calm some of their anxieties by practicing what…show more content…
Also, the wardrobe for a professional Barbie was non-existent. When they finally came out with an astronaut Barbie, and a doctor outfit, they had to be discontinued because they were not selling at all. Motz says that when Barbie was a journalist in 1985, she was looking for a treasure in Yucatan. The finding of such treasure was attributed to the her dog that had found it out of boredom when she was “catching some rays” and listening to music. Even though Barbie is put in a professional occupation, they attribute her success to good luck instead of her non-existent efforts. Instead, it is her pleasure- seeking that allows her dog to discover the gold. Even at work Barbie lives a life of leisure. Motz explains how the image of an adult woman that barbie plants on little girls is fictional. However, we all seem to encourage our little girls to play and interact with this dolls. Barbie has the same essence of the doll that was made in the 1890’s. She lives a life based on leisure activities, personal appearance, and accumulation of possessions in the search for popularity. Involuntarily, Barbie conveys to children and adults the

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