Seedfolks Theme

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Being apart of a community Helps Do you ever think that being apart of a community can solve your problems? And that you need to figure out your own problems? Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman will change your mind. Seedfolks is a book of multiple vignettes told by different point of views by multiple characters that all live in the same neighborhood of cleaved. It all happens when a Vietnamese girl plants lima beans to prove to her dead father’s soul that she was his daughter and soon after the community garden started after a whole chain reaction. One theme in Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman would be being apart of a community can help you overcome challenges. One example of this theme could be found in Se Young’s vignette. Se Young is a women new to America who needs a way to get money so she got a dry…show more content…
Maricela is a pregnant Mexican teen who is 16 years old and is hated by what seems the world. She is faced with the challenge of excepting that she is pregnant not want her baby to die with the help of the community garden. One example of her changing as a result of the community garden is when she says “I stared at the squash plants. It was a world in there. It seemed like I could actually see the leaves and the flowers growing and changing. I was in that weird daze. And for just a minute I stopped wishing my baby would die” (72). Maricela was taking to Leona and learned that she was apart of nature and that she was apart of the garden. And before she was hated by the whole community and lost all her friend cause she was pregnant that was until she started to talk about Leona and nature and more about the garden. In my conclusion I would like to say that in the book Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman there are many themes but one of them is that Being apart of a community can help you overcome challenges like being afraid of people to the fact of excepting that your
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