Seed Germination Essay

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Name: ______________________________________ Date: ________________________ Student Exploration: Seed Germination Vocabulary: controlled experiment, germinate, hypothesis, mean, seed, trial, variable Prior Knowledge Question (Do this BEFORE using the Gizmo.) Plants that produce fruit or vegetables grow from seeds. Suppose you want to start a vegetable garden using seeds. How could you get the seeds to sprout? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Gizmo Warm-up Seeds are only able to sprout, or germinate, under the right conditions. The seeds of different species of plants need different amounts of light, temperatures, and moisture levels in order to germinate successfully. In the Seed Germination Gizmo™, you will perform a series of experiments to determine the best conditions for germinating three different types of seeds. 1. Look at the DESCRIPTION tab. How many seeds are in the germination chamber? _______ 2. Click Play ([pic]), and observe the SIMULATION pane. A. What happened over the simulated five-day period? _________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ B. How does the appearance of a seed on the SIMULATION pane change once the seed has sprouted? ___________________________________________________ C. How many seeds sprouted? ____________________________________________ D. How many seeds did not sprout? ________________________________________ |Activity A: |Get the Gizmo ready:
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