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DBQ An analysis of the different relationships/encounters between the nomadic and sedentary people pf the times before 600 C.E reveals the harsh animalistic ways of the nomads, but as well as the humble some what civilized ways of the sedentary people. A view of Enkidu; the passages written by Sima Qian ,the Chinese Historian, Ammianus Marcellus , the roman historian, and Advice from the mother of a “barbarian king” all reveal the ways and thoughts of some nomadic people before the time 600 C.E. A view of Enkidu describes Enkindu with vivid details that portrays him to be somewhat of a beast like creature. A son express to his father how Enkidu eats grass and ranges with wild beasts. He further more expresses how Enkidu…show more content…
Destroying things built by others and massacring everyone that they conquered , as stated by the passage, shows the burtal ways of the barbarian people. The behavior expressed by this mother could very well cause tension between the barabarians and the sedentary people that they run into for they would simply try to wipe them out. This mother , like all mothers, wants to see her child prosper in life and from these actions or behaviors she believed that he would do so. The funeral Oration of Pericles, and Synesius are both examples of sedentary people beliefs and thoughts. The Funeral Oration of Pericles goes about explaining the lives of a certain group of sedentary people. We can see from this passage that these people seem to be a bit more civilized. They have “elegant and beautiful homes” which shows that they are a stationary people. This article seems to be written to make people of this time somewhat appreciate what they have, and to feel thankful for what they do have. Synesius is speaking of the Roman people raising up and dealing with their servants whom are now barbarians that threaten the rule of this Roman society. Synesius is showing how civilized the Romans are, for they are having a discussion of what should be done. This article can clearly be seen as a motivator to the Roman people to fight the barbarians and make
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