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Sedaris Argument Response When I first started reading Sedaris’s argument I wasn’t quite sure where he was going or who he wanted his audience to be. As I kept reading I could tell he was trying to help us relate to him while relating us to the others around him also. His audience nor his objective was specific to me, hence; most of my confusion throughout reading it. He used pathos, ethos and logos very well, to the point if I wasn’t analyzing the argument I could have missed them. To put myself on the edge, I would say Sedaris’s main claim was sometimes no one has control of something or anything around you. You have to consider there is not always someone to blame when something doesn’t go exactly the way you want it. That is not “god”, the universe nor fate, but it just simply happens. I also believe his claim was that there are many ways to deal with the feeling of having no control. Like the educator, you can find someone to blame and demand that they find a reasonable answer for you, even if it is nowhere in their power. There are also people like himself that kind of go with the flow. At first he was with the educator but when things started getting out of hand he convinced himself girls rugby could be a great sport, so he started bonding with the team that was on his same plane. This personal experience helps is argument in a way it shows the different type of people and the way they can handle a stressful situation. It also helps us relate in a way say, “we have all been there” when he describes his personal feelings. Some examples are when in the beginning he says he like to think he has control of everything in his life but sometimes it just doesn’t work that was, or when the educator was getting extremely confrontational with the attendant and he felt he was stuck or didn’t want to be acquainted with her. His audience is probably the hardest

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