Security Solutions for Manets Including Ids Development Essay

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Security Solutions for MANETs Including IDS Development Kristie Marie Richardson University of Maryland University College Abstract Mobile ad-hoc networks or MANETs are networks that communicate wirelessly through nodes. The nodes change as needed and the MANET network is subject to increased vulnerability because the network is wireless. Should one node become malicious it can disrupt the routing protocol and effectiveness of the MANET network. This research paper will examine the components of a MANET system, the current security issues and potential solutions, and the potential benefits of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) for MANET. Keywords: Mobile ad-hoc network, MANET, Intrusion detection system, IDS, security Contents Abstract Introduction History of MANETs Areas where MANET are presently used Security Issues with MANETs Dynamic Topology in MANETs. Secure Routing. Absence of Centralized Management Facility. Limited Resources. Routing Protocol Security Solutions Secure Routing Protocol (SRP). Dynamic Source Routing (DSR). Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Associativity-Based Routing (ABR). Security Solutions with MANETs Key Management and Node Authentication. Cooperation Of Nodes, Fairness In Dynamic Ad-hoc NeTworks (CONFIDANT). Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Types of IDS IDS Architecture on MANETs Conclusion References Introduction A Mobile Ad Hoc Network, or MANET as they are more commonly known, is a collection of wireless nodes that can be connect to each other dynamically anytime and anywhere without the requirement of having a physically present architecture that is used to support the network. It is a self organizing system, where each device that resides in the MANET is free to move independently in any direction and will at any given moment change its links

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