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Security Randoms Essay

  • Submitted by: ksepkom
  • on April 25, 2011
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In todays culture technology is around everything we do. We pay bills, shop, and even send personal information through emails. So there is a lot of valuable information in our personal computers. This information needs to be properly protected because if it falls into the wrong hands it could be harmful to your life. So the question is how does one protect their information from falling into the wrong hands. One answer is by using application security. Application security is a program from your computer, which provides the computer security from various treats. Applications only control the use of resources granted to them, and not which resources are granted to them. They determine the use of these resources by users of the application through application security. The user must user the problems that their computer could face to receive full usages of their security application. Once a threat or attack is understood the user must use their security application to counterattack the problem. One example of application security is the software Norton AntiVirus. Norton is a security application, which provides malware prevention, and it uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses and also includes e-mail spam filtering.
Most of the responsibility of protecting information on a computer comes down the person control their computer. The best way like said before is just to have an application on your computer to protect it. But just because you have this program once you bought the computer it doesn’t mean your computer is properly protected. Meaning you need to update the software every time and update is available. The application might have some holes in it and what the update does it fix those problems and make he application as best as it can be. Update is something that is a lot of times overlooked but is extremely important in keeping your computer’s security at its best.
Another thing a user should keep in mind to keep his computer secure is to be...

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