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SECURITY PERSPECTIVE Introduction Since the sixties, crime has come strongly to the fore as a global problem in modern-day society. In 1968, a survey in the U.S.A clearly indicated that crime was considered as a serious problem in the country, inclusive of organizations. The recognition of crime as the most important societal problem led to it becoming one of the most important themes of study in the social sciences. The prevention and control of crime is one of the most important reasons why the crime problem is studied. It is regrettable that one aspect concerning crime prevention has been ignored. Little or no attention has been given to security as a crime prevention agent and no wonder why to date only one University in Zimbabwe (Bindura University of Science Education) has been offering a security degree programme, championed by the Commissioner General of Police Cde Augustine Chihuri in 2005. In this article, attention shall be given to the role of security in crime prevention. What is Security? A general definition of security has proven elusive, various definitions have been given depending on the type of security being referred to and this has further been compounded by the debate on whether security management is a profession or not as argued by both Giovanni Manunta and Professor Clifford Simonsen. Nevertheless, the following definitions have been put forward: The encyclopedia defines security as “freedom from risk or danger or freedom from doubt, anxiety, or fear”. It is therefore suffice to mention that from this definition, security removes fear. In the Bible David wrote “when I felt secure, I said, I will never be shaken (Psalm 30:6)”. Thus regardless of the source of security, it is agreed that it removes fear, doubt and anxiety. The encyclopedia also defines security as something that gives or assures safety, as: (a) a group or

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