Security Manager Interview Essay

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I really enjoyed speaking to Dale Mussington. I was surprised by the fact that there is not much training provided for security personnel. I was also very surprised that sometimes more employees steal from the company than people that do not work there. Another really surprising fact was that employees cannot chase shoplifters out the doors to the building. There was a lot of information that I learned from the security manager that I did not learn from the text. I was able to see a lot of security tactics and learn about ways that they catch criminals that I never knew existed. I knew that there were cameras but I did not realize how advanced they were. They actually have equipment that can see a person’s name on an I.D. that is standing at a register. That is amazing. I also learned that they have cameras that look like objects such as plants. The security manager surprised me when he stated that no one is allowed to follow a criminal out of the doors. The reason that they do this is because so many people get shot while pursuing a criminal over a small item that the person is shoplifting. It is just not worth the risk. I think that policies and procedures are very important because it gives every employee an overview of what is expected and what is not expected of them. Without these manuals then no one would know what to do. The manuals are also very important to protect the employees. The security manuals teach the employees how to be safe and are also meant to avoid criminal charges or the company from being sued. Written policies also avoids people from accusing the company of discrimination. If the laws are written down and each employee is aware of them then the employee cannot state that they never knew about it and they are being discriminated against. Many people will do anything to be able to sue a company. Any reason will give someone like this the

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