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Security Management CJUS275-1501A-01 Instructor: Susan Wind 01/12/2015 Jerry Hammons The managerial grid was created in 1964 by Robert R. Blake and Jane Mouton. The managerial grid is based on two behavioral elements that create a management type within an individual in a management position. The two elements of behavioral include the concern for people and the concern for production. The concern for people considers the need of employees, the interest of the employees, and the personal development when deciding the best approach to accomplish a specific task. The concern for production emphasizes on concrete objectives, organizational efficiency, and high productivity when deciding the best approach to accomplish any task. There are five different grid positions of the managerial grid which lead to the type or theory of management an individual falls in. These positions include the country club leadership, produce or perish leadership, impoverished leadership, middle of the road leadership, and sound or team leadership. The country club leadership consists of high concern for people and with low concern for production. This type of manager goes above and beyond to ensure the needs and desires of the employees are met within the work place. The productivity of the group suffers from the lack of attention on the tasks that are given. The impact on the employees is that they are happy and have good team harmony. The impact on the business can be low productivity coming from the employees. The produce or perish leadership consists of low concern for the employees and high concern for production. This type of management focuses all their attention to the productivity matters with little focus on the needs of their employees. The produce or perish leadership type directs and dominates with the belief that efficient production gains can only be achieved with the

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