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Security Management Level 3 Assessment 1 Q1. The 6 Basic Functions are as follows: 1. Technical 2. Commercial 3. Financial 4. Security 5. Accounting 6. Management Q2. The reason why a security system is not just one isolated point is that companies and systems have advanced. Today we have key fobs, locks, sensors, alarms and CCTV. This is extended to the boundaries of the compound to the city and the country. For example your compound inner cordon is controlled by inner locks to cages to the CCTV to the outer cordon, which is controlled by Guard huts to sterilized search arses to name just a few. The security system is based on logic and decision making to define all situations and to ensure that problems that incur are manageable. This can be made in the form of written assessments to deal with the current security threats. In addition the assessments are also in place for future threats to be isolated. Q3. The elements of crime consist of the following: 1. Unlawfulness of Events 2. Actuality of Deeds 3. Culpability of the doer 4. Deliberate action with bad motive 5. Threat of Punishment: Offender Caught Q4. The main functions of security management are: 1. Planning 2. Organisation 3. Command 4. Control Q5. The six additional tasks of management are: 1. Communication 2. Delegation 3. Co-ordination 4. Discipline 5. Decision-making 6. The human factor Q6. The techniques and methods that are utilised are: 1. Human ability - Physical resources 2. Observation, Visual, Auditory, sensation - Binoculars, CCTV, Radio Receivers, Thermometers 3. Mobility - Car, Lift, helicopter 4. Communication - Telephones, Cell phone alarm, Two-way radio 5. Retention - Computers, documents 6. Organisation - Charts, Videos 7. Decision- making - Computers, Lie detectors 8. Control - Metal detectors, Identity cards, firearms 9. Planning - Computers, tape recorders

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