Security Intro Essay

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Security is the protection of personnel, facilities and assets from violence, threat of violence, theft, etc. A more traditional definition of security may be the provision of private services in the protection of people, property and assets for individual safety or community wellness, in addition, private or commercial security may be considered as the provision of paid services in preventing undesirable, unauthorized or detrimental loss to an organization's assets. Security management is one of the most important jobs of any organisation. Security managers develop and enforce security policies to ensure a safe environment for both employees and visitors and they have key responsibilities that are vital to the daily operations of that organisation. It is evident that every security manager has a lot of responsibilities and is a vital asset to any organisation. Security is the main priority whether it be reviewing physical security measures, developing security strategies or controlling access to establishments, safety and security are the main objectives. Security management officers are in the front line of private rather than public sector crime prevention. The key focus of the job is ensuring both the people, property and assets under their supervision are safe from theft or violent crime. Since March 2006, all employees in the security sector need to be licensed by the government’s Security Industry Authority and receive formal training by employers, leading to a recognised qualification. Nowadays private security consultants and employees provide back up support services for police and other agencies. Duties are varied and include manning security vans containing cash or valuables, monitoring CCTV cameras and searching vehicles at airports and other vulnerable premises. Skills required are alertness, good communications, honesty and the
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