Security Ethics Essay

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I do believe that it is ethical to allow other people like neighbors to use your internet, and even charge them for it. In my mind sharing an internet connection is different from sharing something else, like cable for example, because with the internet bandwidth and speed is important. If you have a bottom of the barrel internet service that doesn't give you very good speeds then allowing someone else to use your connection has an inherent downside. Now, if all you do is check emails then this won't bother you, but if you like doing things on the internet that demands more bandwidth (streaming, downloading large files, etc) then you would be less likely to share your connection. On the other hand, if your paying for a premium internet connection that gives you great speeds, then you probably wouldn't feel the extra usage your line is getting when you allow your neighbor to use your connection. The thing is though, you are paying much more for this premium connection that may be more desirable for you to share or charge for than the connection that you would want to keep for yourself due to bandwidth limitations. So, while the ISP isn't getting a new customer, they are still getting more out of you than they would have if you just signed up for an internet connection that was actually tailored to just your usage. With that being said, I do believe there is a rather large difference between a home internet connection being shared and a business internet connection being shared (like starbucks for example). ISP's cannot sell you an internet connection to a business that you frequent because you a guest there. When Starbucks charges you for their internet they are not taking away a customer from their ISP, which is very different from sharing a connection with your neighbors. The Starbucks example is more comparable to allowing a friend to use your internet

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