Security and Risk Management Essay

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1. Describe what differentiates a group of people from a team. 
 What differentiate a group of people from a team, that a team is a group of people who are assigned to specific tasks and have a shared objectives or goals to achieve. While a group of people can be a number of people that have gathered in one place by coincidence and are not necessarily have any common objectives or goals. 2. Explain why it is important to establish a clear team purpose. It is important to establish a clear team purpose, to enable the group to know the reasons behind their assignment and the objectives that are required to be accomplished. And that would lead for to develop policies, procedures and timeframe. 3. What are the implications of role ambiguity within a team framework with regard to: a. Task achievement: b. Team cohesion. c. Personal achievement. The significance of role of uncertainty, can affect the performance of a team, it can lead to lack of collaboration among the team members, which will resulted in individualism operation and that can not guide the team to achieve their tasks. 4. Why is it important that the team’s purpose and role be collaboratively developed? To assure the members that their ideas are valued, it raise their moral to contribute more in the Organization which will result in increasing productivity. 5. Charters, mission/ vision statements, memorandum of agreements, constitutions, role and responsibility statements are all examples of documents that record, in writing, a team’s purpose and role. Collect an example of 3 of these documents. Comment on the effectiveness of each of them. 
(Hint: Use the Internet to collect examples from businesses, professional associations, sporting clubs or social groups.) 6. How can roles and tasks be clearly allocated to team members so that problems do not arise? Allocation of tasks

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