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Shateerah Benson 8/13/2014 Eagle Detective Agency understands the importance of presenting a professional image in every aspect of its service to the clients. We believe that good services are an important requirement of every business. The potentially crippling effects that theft, criminal, danger, fire, flood could have on your operation are enormous the safety of your premises, your staff, and your customer is paramount. To address this and to provide you cost effective peace of mind, we provide the highest standards of performance and technology. In the words of Jim Davis, CEO of Eagle, “There is a difference between hiring and selecting. You hire someone to clean out your garage. You select people to build your company.” Eagle Detective Agency chooses to select the best highly trained, qualified, service-oriented individuals who posses SORA Certification, trained in first aid and CPR and have the ability and desire to “win the customer for life.” Eagle Detective Agency is proud to value diversity in the workplace. Our professional teams are trained to fulfill your every security requirement we have responsible and discreet personnel that are a seamless extension of your workforce. We can customize any service to meet your specific security needs and concerns. In addition to contract security, Eagle offers a full range of investigative services, such as undercover agents, surveillance, background checks, insurance and criminal investigation “We are protecting people and property and commercial and residential complexes, educational campuses, government buildings, healthcare facilities, constructions sites, major airports, churches, super bowl XLVIII, and high profile public landmarks,” Eagle Detective Agency security guards focus on their job at hand. They can

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