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Computers running the Windows operating system come with several security features to help protect the computer system. These features are the action center, windows defender, user account control, backup and restore, windows update, and windows firewall. Each of these features has certain functions to help protect the system. The action center notifies you if there is a change in security on the system. For instance, if there is no anti-virus program running on the system the action center has a notification that pops up saying that there is not anti-virus detected on the system. The action center keeps the user notified about the firewall and anti-virus updates. The computer system is already set up to install these updates automatically with the Windows Update feature ("How Does Action Center Check For Problems?”, 2013). Computers running a Windows operating system come with Windows Defender already installed. The Windows Defender program works with Windows update to keep the definitions up-to-date. Windows Defender has two different options that can be used. They are real-time protection which will alert the user when spyware is attempting to install on the system and scanning options which allow the user to schedule scans for the system. If there is a threat found during the scan there will be options for the user to remove the threat ("Using Windows Defender", 2013). User Account Controls are for the user to maintain control over their computer in several different ways. It asks for the users’ permission before making any changes to the system, before installing software or allowing malicious software to gain access to the computer and make it vulnerable to security threats. The Back Up and Restore feature backs up all files and changes that have been made to the computer on a regular basis. Windows Firewall feature helps prevent hackers and malicious

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