Securing and Protecting Information Essay

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Securing and Protecting Information CMGT 400 May 12, 2014 Securing and Protecting Information The recent years have been marked by a lot of harmful applications that have progressively focused on internet activities. Because the quantity of internet activities keep growing strong, simplicity of net use and growing use base has perfected the criminal targets. For that reason, assaults on many users may be accomplished in a single click. The techniques used in breaching internet security differ. But, these techniques have progressively turned out to be difficult and complicated as time passes. With the rise in the risk levels, the stronger rules are increasingly being issued to avoid more assaults. The majority of these steps have been targeted at boosting security of the internet data. Of these techniques, the most notable method is security authentication as well as security. This article thoroughly assesses the security authentication method. The content also introduces security systems that help provide prevention against typical assaults. Security Authentication Process Authentication is the procedure that has progressively been used in confirmation of the organization or individual. For that reason, this is the procedure used in finding out whether something or somebody is what it is stated to be. According to "Securing The Authentication Process" (2014), “It is important to secure your authentication process to protect your system against various types of security threats, such as password-cracking tools, brute-force or dictionary attacks, abuse of system access rights, impersonation of authenticated users, and replay attacks“. Authentication, therefore, acts as part of many internet applications. Prior to opening the email account, the verification procedure is included in the identification of the foreign program. For that reason, the most typical
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