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Secure Horizons, based in California, is an insurance providers underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company, a private insurance company. Secure Horizons, is one of many insurance providers, and in 1985 offered the first national Medicare HMO plan. While health insurance covers many healthcare costs and procedures, as with Medicare, there are some services that may not be covered under ones plan. This is popularly known as a Medigap. These so called gaps may not pay your share of cost or say certain co-payments or deductables may apply. It also may not cover certain doctors or procedures. Many seek a supplemental insurance policy to help pay or lessen these gaps. Secure Horizons offers plans that cover these and many other gaps that may apply to ones insurance. For purposes of this paper we will be looking at the Secure Horizons Medicare Advatage Program. Secure Horizons provides/offer many supplemental plans to help alliviate gaps in the Medicare insurance program. Each different Medigap plan is noted by a new letter (e.g., "Medigap Plan A.") Medigap plans span letters A through N, but states may not carry all plans, and certain plans may not be available in certain geographic areas. All insurance companies are allowed to sell you only one Medigap policy. Medicare Advantage Program plans are (HMO) plans. HMO's are Health Maitenance Organizations. Coverage under this Medicare Advantage Program works with ones Original Medicare and a network of local physicans and hospitals. With contracts in place with such local providers Secure Horizon is able to provide consumer/health care reciepient lower out of pocket costs and for some $0 premiums. Access through this program provides medical care through a pre-arranged contracted network such as doctors, hospitals and prescriptions. Coverage for preventive services and Medicare Part D drug coverage may be offered.

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