Secure Computer Room Essay

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Secure Computer Room Recommendations Kevin Kestler CMGT/245 August 11, 2014 Vijaya Jonnalagadda Secure Computer Room Recommendations In today’s business world, companies need to pay strict attention to the physical security of the hardware which their company runs on. Through the combination of well-placed physical security and virtual security practices, any potential breach can be mitigated and dealt with as soon as it is identified. Multiple levels of physical security are necessary to make sure information contained on servers or devices are kept safe and out of the wrong hands. The first and probably most obvious security measure that needs to be in place is to be sure the room is locked at all times. Ideally the room should be access controlled where employees must badge in for the lock to release. This offers a method of tracking who is where and when they came and left. Sometimes a simple locked door may be all it takes to dissuade someone from going a place that they either intentionally or unintentionally try to get to without access. It is vital that the most important devices are regularly kept in that locked room. Examples of this might include thumb drives that contain proprietary information, or laptops that high level executives use. If those important and critical items are not kept in a safe area, there may as well not be any security in place at all. Video monitoring is always something that is useful for any security detail to use when they cannot be everywhere at once. With security monitoring in place, assigned people are able to quickly at a glance see if anyone is in the secure room, and using security logs can identify if that individual is supposed to be there or not. This can also be used looking backwards if a breach does happen so that the perpetrators can be caught. Physically securing the servers inside the room is

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