Secure Computer Room

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Establishing a Secure Computer Room Name CMGT/245 Date Instructor 1. General Instructions and Training A policy of no food, no drinks, and no unauthorized access makes a strong statement if it is followed. If the general instruction policy is not enforced, the remainder of the policy does not show strength. Eliminating these basic dangers ensures that day-to-day accidents do not occur within the computer room. 2. Access Control Control over the accessibility of the computer room will provide the ability to limit what employees, consultants, and guests can gain entry. Depending on the level of the access control device installed, the company would be able to turn on or off certain badges and would also have access to logs of the individuals who entered and exited the computer room during a specific period. 3. Temperature Control Temperature Control within the computer room will foster a stable environment for servers and lab computers. In the event of a power loss, a dedicated temperature control device would limit the possibility that the units would overheat or freeze, depending on the geographical location. 4. Electrical Control Having a dedicated backup to keep the computer room powered at all times is very important in the event of loss of power. If the power were lost without a backup generator, the company could lose access to the network. 5. Intrusion detection Companies should install motion detectors that are activated and deactivated at a certain time to allow an alert to be signaled, in the case of a break in. These motion detectors could also be connected to the local police or a security company. 6. Inventory Control Labeling equipment and keeping a list of components are imperative concerning accountability in the computer room. The inventory list will assist in case of theft and will also assist in the estimates of an
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