Sectionalism Research Paper

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In the days leading up to the Civil W President Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying ” A house divided against itself cannot stand.” What did he mean by this? Clearly he was saying that the United States of America had to remain just that, united. In order to continue to exist as a nation we had to truly be unified. What Lincoln was reacting to were the many conflicts that were dividing this great nation. We call these divisions sectionalism. Sectionalism – the placing of the needs of one section of the nation over the needs of the whole nation. 1. The different sections at this time were the North and the South. The West was also a section but this section (because it was new) did not practice sectionalism. Instead it was the other sections that fought to control the destiny of the west.…show more content…
Economic Political Social American in the 1800s was a changing place. Because of Manifest Destiny, Americans were spreading out all over the continent. There was a major problem brewing, however. The Northern and the Southern states were becoming very different. The economy of the south was based upon slavery. The economy of the North was based upon manufacturing. People in the north and south were growing apart in social ways as well. Over time, this split lead to a wide chasm between the North and the South. People in each region started to feel as if they were part of two different societies. People in the north started to feel superior to people in the south and people in the south started to feel superior to people in the North. This is sectionalism. Sectionalism is the idea that a person has an allegiance to a smaller group of people and not the entire country. There were three parts to sectionalism in the 1800s. There was economic sectionalism, political sectionalism, and social sectionalism. Eventually, this split in belief lead to the bloodiest war in in American history: the American Civil War
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