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Lorraine Geoghegan September 25, 2013 EDU-225 Jillian Hartman Section Four- Software to Support Assessment Every year, teachers are asked to continually assess their students’ achievements. This will allow the teacher to see where the students stand with the given curriculum. As teachers an effective way of assessing students’ knowledge, is important to achieving the educational goals. According to the National technology standards for teachers, teachers must use both content and technology standards in formative and summative assessments (International Society of technology in education {ISTE} 2008). We as future educators can use educational software to help both type of assessments. My purpose will be to show how technology will support continuing assessments, the difference between formative and summative assessments and the pros and cons of utilizing technology to assess my students and the fact that teachers need to use technology and other means of assessments. The use of technology is valuable to a classroom and has many forms of applying it. One way to apply this is to use the technology in assessing what our students have learned. With the specialized software to help learning can be utilized to do the assessment of what the student is actually learning and retaining. Sometimes doing an assessment without the student knowing is an effective way to see what they learned. This is also good because the student could be more relaxed and they may actually perform better. Drill and Practice software uses repetition to help the students in basic skills. This type of software is effective when students need extra help (Shelly, Cashman, Gunter and Gunter, 2008).One type of assessment software that is used nationwide and very effective is Accelerated Reader (AR), this gives the students instruction as well as several different quizzes.

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