Secrets of self-confidence Essay

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This article entitled ”Secrets of self-confidence” describes three stories of women who believed in their self-assurance and were able to cope with many difficult challenges in their lives. Magdalena Kowalczyk upbrought in Warsaw. She used to spend most of her time with boys and very often it turned out that was not worse than them. She had always dreamt about police academy but she failed the exam. Then she decided to go to the municipal police. When she was 21 years old she gave birth first child. Taking care of family she forgot about her interests and the job. A few years later she came back to work. At first she had worked in the office, then she was transferred to another department connected with the intervention and patrolling. She was the only woman there and was afraid of being not accepted by workmates. They treated her with reserve, did not trust her. Sometimes, Magda had the feeling that they were unkind specially. They only waited for the moment when she would start to cry or show weakness. Although the atmosphere in the job was not pleasant she did not resign from it. She decided to prove that she is suitable for working as municipal policewoman. After some time she noticed that workmates started to treat her as a partner. Now she everyday proves that woman is not worse than man. She knows about her strenghts and weaknesses. She found her place in municipal police and she feels needed there. Ewelina Michalska found her first job in the internet. She speaks English very well so she received a job offer from call center company. Her task was to ask questions people from Great Britain. She had her own trainer who showed her how to conduct the telephone conversations. First weeks in job were not easy. She has had to ask very difficult questions very often concerning private issues. She was afraid of people’s reactions but she has always tried to be

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