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NSC: Secretary of Defense On Wednesday when we begin our National Security Council simulation, I will play the role of the Secretary of Defense for our nation. I chose the position of the Secretary of Defense for few reasons. First, I chose this position because there were not very many other good positions available by the time I made my way to the chalk board. The second reason I chose to be the Secretary of Defense, is because it is perceived as a very macho position. Lastly, after I learned more about the position I realized how much fun it could be to be in charge of the armed services as well as military matters. The position of Secretary of Defense was created in 1947 when the Navy, Army, and Air Force were merged into the National Military Establishment. In 1949 this “establishment” was renamed to the United States Department…show more content…
The Secretary of Defense and the President together have the sole authority to launch strategic nuclear weapons. All nuclear weapons are governed by the two-man rule, even at the highest levels in government. This means that both individuals, the SecDef and the President must agree before a strategic nuclear strike may be ordered. The Secretary of Defense, is the head of the United States Office of the Secretary of Defense is assisted by a Deputy Secretary and five Under Secretaries in the fields of Acquisition, Technology & Logistics; Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer; Intelligence; Personnel & Readiness; and arguably the most important, Policy. All of these positions require the confirmation of the Senate. The Secretary of Defense also supervises the six members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the commanders of the ten Combatant Commands. The Secretary of Defense is usually regarded as one of the “Big Four” important cabinet officials, along with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General and the Secretary of the
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