The Secret Sharer

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Secret Sharer Joseph Conrad was a twentieth century Polish novelist. Many people consider him the greatest English novelist in the English language. Even though he was considered one of the greatest English novelists, he could not speak English fluently until he was in his twenties. One thing that influenced Joseph Conrad’s inspiring literature is his experience in traveling around the world. Conrad’s literature consists of the different styles of techniques he uses to display his well-recognized work as British literature. Conrad needed a break from his larger novel “Under Western Eyes” so he started and finished “The Secret Sharer.” In his short story “The Secret Sharer,” Joseph Conrad tells about a captain that finds a boy that has escaped from another ship and helps him to safety behind everyone’s back. The story starts off with the young captain standing at the back of the ship watching it pull off into the sea. The story of “The Secret Sharer” takes place at near the Gulf of Siam, at sea. The story is told by a young captain that is nameless all throughout the story. The captain was skeptical about playing such an authoritative role as captain because he really did not even know his crew. He met his crew fourteen days before that so he was unsure about them. He is lacking confidence in his position as captain. This is the Captains first job as the captain of a ship and he feels like he does not belong on his own ship, "my position was that of the only stranger on board...I was somewhat a stranger to myself (Conrad). The main characters in the story are the Captain, Leggatt, Archbold, and Chief Mate. The minor characters are Second Mate, and Archbold’s wife. The settings of the story are the Captain’s cabin, Sephora, the ship that Leggatt runs away from, and the ship that the narrator lives on. The Captain aids a naked man hanging on the rope ladder on

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