Secret Riviera Essay

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Throughout various texts, colonists are depicted as violent intruders that stole the land that the Aborigines had toiled for by the use of selected language and aesthetic features. The contemporary texts, ‘The Secret River’ and ‘White Attack’ portray these ideas through different perspectives which shed light on the situation of the Aborigines during the invasion of the colonists. Colonists are represented within the former text as apathetic invaders that show no mercy when seizing the land of the Aborigines. "There were no signs that the blacks felt that the place belonged to them. They had no fences that said this is mine. No house that said, this is our home. There were no fields or flocks that said, we have put the labour of our hands into this place." A sombre mood is generated as a sense of desolation and deprivation from the land is seen. Repetition of the word no is used to emphasise the disownment of the land from the Aborigines. An empathetic tone is displayed towards the Aborigines as all they have worked for is being taken by the colonists. The text ‘White Attack’ is the perspective of an Aborigine who believes that the colonists underestimate their power and capabilities. “What did you think we were capable of? Against your guns; Against your madness; Your alcohol; Your desire to steal land; Unarmed blacks watching ships sail in” The Aborigines view the Whites as an intrusive group of people that were wild and unforgiving. Their desire to steal land correlates with that of the quote from the story and a defiant tone is created. It explains how they took what the Aborigines had amassed over their lifetime without any mercy. The whites are represented as unruly because of words such as madness and desire. From these words, a power hungry view is depicted and imagined. Both texts depict colonists as intrusive and this is developed by the tone and mood of

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