Secret Life of Bees Essay

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The book full of symbolism and hope, The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, reveals a story of a young girl, Lily, searching for answers in Tiburon, South Carolina. Throughout the novel Kidd shows the feelings, emotions and personalities of each character. The whale pin, the Our Lady of Chains statue and the bee hive all symbolize something important to the people in the novel, which impact their everyday lives. The bee hive was one of the most symbolic features in this novel because it shows three things. One, the struggle the bees go through after their queen dies. Secondly, the teamwork showing people working together in a society. Three, the love of the bees spread towards one another just like people spreading love to their family and friends. Our lady of chains statue is symbolic on two levels. On one level it was representing Black Mary a Catholic icon for colored people. On a second level the statue represents the women’s need for a mother, someone who can give them guidance and strength. Our Lady of Chains statue is a mother to the colored women like Rosaleen, May, June, and August, even Lily. Mary is frequently called “The Queen of Heaven” and provides guidance for the women, and giving hope. August also provides a guiding force for Lily. Lastly is the whale pin that T-Ray, Lily’s father, gave to Deborah, Lily’s mother, while they were dating. August told Lily that when they were dating T-Ray treated Deborah like a princess. Lily couldn’t believe that T-Ray had a soft, loving side in his past but now refuses to show it because his heart was broken by his true love. Lily wears the pin as a reminder of her mother. When T-Ray confronts Lily he sees the pin and it brings back memories of Deborah because she was so similar to her mother. While yelling at Lily he calls her Deborah repeatedly and changes. T-Ray once again feels the rage and
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