Secret Life of Bees

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The Secret Life of Bees is the story of Lily, a fourteen-year-old girl who runs away from her very unloving father, to look for the secrets of her dead mother's past. The setting of the book is in South Carolina in 1964, a time when racial tensions were inflamed by the civil rights movement and white racists' frequently had violent responses to it. Throughout all this, Lily and her house-keeper, Rosaleen, find shelter in the home of the Boatwright sisters, three African American beekeepers who worship before the statue of a Black Madonna they call "Our Lady of Chains." In the Boatwright household, Lily finds love and acceptance and begins to come to terms with the guilt she feels over her mother's death. As a result of the experiences in her life and the way she interprets them, Lily is able to mature and grow, placing her firmly on the road to adulthood. Over the course of the book, Lily matures into a young lady. Starting off, Lily did not think of the whole plan to escape from T. Ray, and that did not seam trustworthy. But when Lily decided she was going take Rosaleen with her, she knew she was going to follow through with it. It didn’t seam like a very good idea at first, but Lily was smart and mature enough to find out a way to stay safe and find what she was looking for. So together, Lily and Rosaleen hitchhiked toward a town called, Tiburon, S.C, that Lily had found written on the back of a picture of a black Mary that once belonged to her mother. On the way, Lily feels free, as if a new life has begun for her. She might not have knew it, but she was right from the very beginning. Also at the Boatwright house, surrounded by the Boatwright sisters, by the Daughters of Mary, by Rosaleen and by Zach, Lily at last becomes a part of a supportive “family” she can trust. She thrives in this environment, learning things about herself and developing a more

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