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The Secret Life of Bees When a parent or someone dies when a child is young, as they get older have many questions to ask and have to find ways to get them answered. In the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, the main character Lily has to live with the blurry memory of the last time she was with her mother when she was four years old. Now that she is fourteen she has many questions for her mom. She always wondered what had happened to her but she had no one give her an answer. So Lily ran away with Rosaleen to go find a place where she thought her mother had been. She left her miserable life back at home so she can fine things out about her mom and start a new life. The bee community is similar to the human community in so many ways in how the colony is not the same when the queen is no longer there and how they leave to start fresh again just like the human community but yet the are so different. The bees and the characters can relate to each other in many ways. When the Queen is missing from the hive, the workers very quickly sense her absence. The bees become restless knowing the queen is no longer there. The absence of her presence affects the whole community. Like the bees, Lily immediately felt the absence of her mother when her mother past away. Her mother leaving affected her life just like the bees. Lily felt, because of her mother no longer being there for her is the reason why her life is miserable. The only difference from the bees and the character is, in the bee community the absence of the queen is what affects them and in the story the absence of Lily’s mother affects her. Something common between the bees and the characters is finding a place to start fresh again. On leaving the old nest, the swarm normally flies only a few meters and settles. Scout bees look for a suitable place to start the new colony. Usually when bees need a

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