Secret Life Essay

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The meaning behind The Secret Life of the American Teenager Intertextuality is used in many aspects of life; every text is derived from something else just like the ABC Family sitcom The Secret Life of the American Teenager. This television show is based on teen age pregnancy, abortion, family conflicts and divorce. As we all know Emotions rise in the sitcom when Shailene Woodley also known as Amy Juergens realizes she has conceived a child. Amy struggles with teen age drama as well as being pregnant at fifteen. Amy contemplates about notifying her parents and the father of the fetus, Amy is unsure if she wants to keep the child or have an abortion, her mother Molly Ringwald also known in the sitcom as Anne Juergens suggest adoption and Amy move away so she does not have to face everyday life at her high school. This show focuses on real life dilemmas and it was formulated to lower statistics on teenage pregnancy. Grant-Davie defines rhetorical situation as the particular circumstance of a given instance of communication or discourse. The rhetorical situation from the text I am analyzing would be teen age pregnancy. Rhetorical situation involves an audience and the implied audience of this show would be teenage girls and women of all ages, however there are other audiences like an accidental audience which would be someone who watches the sitcom without prior knowledge of it. The author of the show is Brenda A. Hampton and she caters to her audience by using a familiar language to us as adolescence. The secret life of the American teenager was actually based off the CW show 7th Heaven even though 7th Heaven did not have pregnant teenagers and divorce, Hamptons idea of The Secret Life of the American Teenager was based on the comical
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