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Learning language In “The Secret Language,” author Daisy Zamora explain that in her childhood she learn English and what she learn was much different than what she hear from her grandmother, learning English to become like her grandmother inspired her. According to Daisy her grandmother’s stories and the big difference in the language she learned made her want to learn the real language. She realized that the English her grandmother and sister spoke is different so that inspired her, she wanted to speak like them. Daisy explains that she learned the real English in many ways. She started by watching cartoon on TV. she learned phrases. She found another way by watching cowboy’s movies. Literature classes helped her a lot by reading story loud to her classmates or acting like a character, also listen to English music helped her. Daisy reports her experience with English when she travelled to United States of America. She was chocked from the language she had, she notice that her language was strange to everybody. She was strange she didn’t made a friend because she didn’t know the teen slangs and how teen speak. She realized that all the vocabulary she learned from book and poetry no one uses them in everyday speech. Everyone has a reason to learn a new language and everyone uses different methods to learn. Some people when they experience the language they found all the methods the used are worthless. I had a similar experience to the writer. When if first arrived to USA nobody understood me I can’t even order from a restaurant. When I talk to someone the feel I’m stranger. I strongly agree with the writer living English and speak it in everyday life is much different. Everyone should find a way to learn to be accepted by

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